Cooltra motorbike, bicycle and scooter

Renting electric vehicles

Mobile screen where you can see the Cooltra APP

Private App

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Fleet Management Platform

What is Private Sharing?

The first Sharing for Companies (B2B). Everything included in one product.

Electric vehicle rental with all services included + a private sharing app + a digital platform for fleet and user management.

This system will provide you with all the advantages of sharing, with the privacy of having your own exclusive fleet of scooters, bikes and kick scooters.

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Your sharing, easier than ever

We can set up your sharing system with the connected vehicles in just a few weeks. We also help you throughout the entire process, providing all our experience.

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There will always be a vehicle at your door

Share the vehicles, but only with those you want to. Only your users will be able to see and use the vehicles.

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Control and save on mobility

Enjoy your geolocated fleet and reduce the cost of other mobility solutions such as private vehicles or taxis.

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Sustainable and corporate mobility

Drive your company towards sustainability by saving tons of CO2 while your scooters ride around.

Cooltra motorbike, bicycle and scooter

Don't worry about a thing: All-inclusive

The service includes:

  • Third-party or full-risk insurance with excess (scooters only)
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Roadside assistance (scooters only)
  • Jet Helmet (scooters only)
  • Telematics (GPS so that the sharing works)
  • Private App

How does it work?

Hand using a mobile where you can see the Cooltra APP
Keyless, and all through an APP that is unique to your company
Detail of a map of a city with highlighted company vehicles
Control your Sharing from a Digital Platform
  • Geolocation of scooters
  • Battery status
  • Validation of registered users

Fleet of electric vehicles

Combine your mobility from €99 per month per vehicle


Askoll Sharing 50 cc

Charging time
7 h (3.5 with extra charger)
60 km

Arcade eBike

Charging time
6 h
45 km

Okai ES400

Charging time
5 - 6 h
50 - 55 km

Personalise all vehicles with stickers or your own brand´s vinyl!*

* Personalisation cost not included.

Subscriptions available for over 12 months.

Minimum of 10 vehicles. They can be combined.

The start-up cost is only paid once, at the beginning.

This includes: Adaptation of the App, creation of the personalized sharing areas, registration of all vehicles and technical configurations.

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